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SER-Niños History

SER-NiÑOS was among the first generation of texas charter schools.

SER-Niños was established in 1996 by Dianne Mancus, the Houston Hispanic Forum

and community members. In 1996 SER-Niños opened it campus at the Bellaire

Christian Church in the heart of the Houston Gulfton community. The school began

with 155 students PreK to fourth grade. In 1997 fifth grade was added and in 2004

middle school was added.

SER-Niños, which opened in 1996, was among the first generation of Texas charter

schools. SER-Niños was originally within rented rooms of the Bellaire Christian Church

in Gulfton before moving into its own $5 million facility on Alder Drive. Mancus left

her job after her husband's job was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia.


Even though the school did not engage in much promotion, it became very popular. The school's initial 155 slots quickly filled after its opening. The school added fifth grade classes in 1997 and middle school classes in 2004.


Word of mouth regarding the school spread throughout the Gulfton community. By 2009 the school planned to find a new site for elementary school classes within a three-year period. A lot of effort from school administrators, parents, and the community resulted in the construction of the new Dashwood Elementary School.

The continued popularity and increased enrollment resulted once again in SER-Niños to evaluate options and alternatives for increasing student capacity to assist more families and students in the Gulfton community. The purchase and reconditioning of the old Kroger supermarket property in the Gulfton area that became the new Gulfton Middle School became pride of the Gulfton area otherwise becoming a concern and risk to the community.

SER-Niños offers high quality instruction, enrichment activities and family support to help students excel academically, socially and emotionally.

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