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Parental Involvement


The SER-Niños Charter School believes that parental involvement is highly correlated to student success. It is important for parents to become an active part of the school community.  SER-Niños Charter School develops many parent outreach and involvement programs. 


A Parent Center staffed with a Parent Liaison coordinates parent education classes, support, and community outreach.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer and be part of the learning community.  English as a Second Language classes are offered for the parents and the community.  Health and other educational seminars are also offered.  There are literacy celebrations once a month. 


The parents and children are encouraged to read, dance and sing at these celebrations.  Math and Science Night are offered once a month.  Parent Socials are held once each semester.  Parents are involved in Parent committees.  The committees meet to discuss issues or concerns they may have.

Family Support Team


SER-Niños Charter School Family Support Team is also a key component in helping students reach their goals.  An important part of the Family Support Team’s work in school-based intervention is the development of preventive programs for common problems that may be interfering with students’ success.

The team’s mission includes for target areas:

  • improving attendance

  • assuring the academic success of children through school-based interventions

  • involving parents in their children’s education and

  • promoting the integration of social services for families and children into the school setting.


Teachers at SER-Niños Charter School meet two weeks before school begins and regularly on Fridays to discuss student and school program goals and performance standards.  Teachers view student portfolios and assessments and get input form parents while trying to determine each child’s individual strengths and needs. 


Student evaluation results are used to improve the instructional programs of the school. Teams of parents and teachers are established to work on various aspects of the programs and a School Improvement Plan is developed for each school year.

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